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Heat Molding Procedure

All Jackson Ultima leather outsole products can be heat molded to enhance the comfort and fit of the boot right in your store. The ideal oven for heating boots is convection, which allows for an even distribution of heat. Jackson ovens are highly acceptable while Blademaster or Bauer ovens can also be used. DO NOT USE A REGULAR HOUSEHOLD OVEN. The heat from radiating elements is too direct and will damage the boot and void the warranty.

Follow these simple steps to help provide your customers with a customized fit.

  1. Set skate oven to a temperature of 165 – 170° F or 74 – 77° C. Remove the footbed and lace the skates up loosely to help the customer easily slip on the skates after they are heated.
  2. Place the boots in the oven, once the ideal temperature has been reached for at least 3 to 5 minutes. Use the chart below as a guideline for heating times.
Model Name Model From COLD Oven From HOT Oven 
ElleDJ2130 & FS21305 minutes3 minutes
FreestyleDJ2190/DJ2192 & FS2190/FS21926 minutes4 minutes
DebutDJ2450/DJ2430/DJ2452 & FS2450/FS2440/FS2452/FS24306 minutes4 minutes
CompetitorDJ24706 minutes4 minutes
PremiereDJ2800/DJ2802 & FS28007 minutes5 minutes
Elite 4200/EliteDJ4200/ DJ29528 minutes6 minutes
Elite 4500DJ4500 / DJ4500S / DJ4500U9 minutes7 minutes
Elite SupremeDJ3802/DJ3852/DJ3902/DJ39529 minutes7 minutes
Low CutDJ4400/DJ44529 minutes7 minutes
5000 SeriesDJ5500/DJ5200/DJ5400/DJ5852/DJ5252/DJ54526 minutes4 minutes
  1. Remove the skates from the oven, replace the footbed and have the customer immediately put on both warm boots. Have the customer push their toes all the way to the front of the boot and then lightly kick back their heels in place. This will allow the heel to sit in the correct position at the back of the boot underneath the Achilles/heel padding. Lace the boots slightly tighter than they normally would for skating.
  2. If any other adjustments need to be done such as stretching, punching for ankle discomfort, bone spurs, etc. carry out before cooling time has elapsed.
  3. Have the customer remain seated until the boot is completely cool. Make sure that the customer does not stand up or walk around until the boot is completely cool (approximately 10 minutes).
  4. If the heat molding process needs to be repeated several times to achieve comfort, it is likely that the customer has been fitted incorrectly in the wrong length/width.

This fitting process must be carried out by a competent skate technician. Failure to follow the above procedure may void the warranty.