Knee Brace

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The UFOPLAST Morpho Fit Knee Brace is a high-performance knee brace that provides total containment and protection for the knee joint. It is made of a durable, lightweight, and breathable fabric and features a flexible, adjustable design that allows for a custom fit. The brace also includes a number of innovative features, such as:

  • Adjustable condyle pads for perfect containment of the joint, even as regards rotation
  • Adjustable tibial support for correct adaptation and comfort
  • Adjustable containment system for the ACL
  • Medial and lateral collateral ligament containment
  • Sealed stainless steel structural four-sided joint
  • Structural patella cup for effective impact dissipation
  • Telescopic upper structure to protect the rectus femoris – vastus medialis and sartorius muscle
  • Adjustable 4-point leg-fastening system for correct positioning
  • Stoppers to limit hyperextension
  • Adjustable fittings for the best adaptation of the straps to the leg
  • Heat-welded, hypoallergenic, antibacterial straps
  • Thermoformed BAL with structure made from hypoallergenic, antibacterial polyurethane foam
  • Interference support with the top of the boot to support the brace
  • Assistance system managed independently
  • Ergonomic tube
  • Water resistant and anti-corrosive
  • Lightweight (740 g)

The UFOPLAST Morpho Fit Knee Brace is perfect for athletes of all levels, as well as for people who are recovering from knee injuries. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to protect their knees and stay active.