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Handmade in Italy Dresses for Ice Skating and Dance competitions.

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Showing 1–12 of 54 results

Handmade Figure skating dresses
Here you will find everything you need to know about how to find the best figure skating dresses. Even the best athletes in the business choose their figure skating dresses carefully to get the best results.

Figure skating is a competitive sport and requires precision, athletic ability, and focus. It’s been an Olympic sport since 1908 and is performed all over the world, even in some warm climate regions. Great results are made in training but wearing the right figure skating dress can truly make a performance.  Skaters the world over invest in finding the right ice skating dresses for their needs.

Figure skating dresses are more than protective clothing. Wearing the right dress that fits your needs can be the help or hindrance you need to nail each move. Your dress should allow you to stretch and move along the ice freely. It should aid you with endurance during long training sessions and help you get your best results. They should look great too, whether you’re looking for something eye-catching for a competition or simply for training.  Here’s our guide to help you find the right figure skating dress for you.
Ever wondered how to dress for ice skating?
Your choice of dress will depend on where you’re at in your ice skating career. Whether you’re a competitive figure skater or a dedicated enthusiast, we have an outfit for you. There’s a range of dresses out there for a different of situations. Competition skate dresses are colorful, eye-catching and ornate, ready to impress the judges. For training days dresses are much more muted and practical to help you stretch and move on the ice. There’s even dresses to help you dress-to-impress off the ice, keeping you stylish in all situations.
How do I find the right figure skating dress for me?
Here’s a breakdown of the types of dresses to help you with how to dress for ice skating.

Competition skate dresses

Figure skating dresses for competitions tend to be glamorous, ornate, vibrant and colorful. The kind of clothes that grab your attention no matter where you are in the ice rink. They’re designed to grab the judges and the crowds attention and to add that extra sparkle to your winning moves. They also help the skater move, providing free-range of motion and enhancing their athletic performance. They can be expensive, but they can also be the difference between a silver medal or gold medal. You wouldn’t wear a competition dress for other occasions.

If you’re looking for an impressive dress for your next competition, here’s some advice for you: make sure you try it out first. Try on your try and run through your routine on the ice. Make sure that it fits properly and that it won’t hinder your performance in any way. And here’s some insiders advice: sometimes it pays to buy many identical competition dresses. That way, your performance can always go on no matter what happens.

Training dresses

Training dresses are what you wear in front of a panel of judges to find out where you’ll be placed in the competition. You want your outfit to be attention grabbing, but not as impressive as your competition dress. The aim is to show off your athletic ability to help you win a place in the competition. Training dresses tend to be a lot simpler, with plain dark colors such as black figure skating dresses or a black dress with sleeves. They very rarely feature embellishments. You want the judges to focus on your skating ability at this stage, rather than your show stopping outfit.

Practice dresses

Practice ice skating dresses – like the ones from SAGESTER – are perfect for those new to figure skating. They’re designed to help you get used to your routine on the ice without fear of ruining your outfit. Usually similar to your competition dress in fit and style, you can practice every twist and turn without worry.

Practice ice skating dresses tend to be very comfortable. Although they’re not quite as bright as competition dresses, they’re very colorful, such as a bright blue figure skating dress. It’s useful to own a number of these types of dresses, washed and ready for those all important training days.

Ice dance dresses

The vibrant, decorative ice dance dresses are designed for couples dance skate routines. The style is more free-flowing and covered with glittering decorations. They tend to be for costume rather than athletic ability and take a lot of looking after to keep them in good condition.

Ice dresses are heavily decorated on the back rather than the front, as this is what the judges will see most of the time. Made from very light fabric and sleeveless to help the male dancer get a good grip on their partner’s arms. The dresses are designed for ultimate athleticism and style.

They are more expensive than practice dresses but similar in price range to competition figure skating dresses. Ice dance dresses come in a  fabulous range of styles with some impressive features.

Off the ice dresses

Why not keep that dazzling style off the ice as well as on? Ice skating dresses can make you look classy, elegant and professional, and many skaters love to keep that style when they step off the ice. For example, if you have a turquoise figure skating dress you could wear the same color off of the ice.

There are many great options to wear off the ice. Some dresses can even be customized to match the competition figure skating dresses. Maintaining your image outside of the ice ring can have a huge impact on the judges and crowds impression of you. Why not continue to impress, whether you’re gliding through the ice or relaxing in the locker room?
How do I find the right ice skating dress for my needs?
Whether you’re just starting or already wowing the judges, it’s important to pick the right ice skating dress for your needs. If you want a colorful or a plain white figure skating dress, not every ice skater is going to need a competition dress.There are dozens of figure skating dresses that use the latest technical fabrics. Make sure you pick the right dress for your needs.

If you’re overwhelmed by choice – and we wouldn’t blame you – a good place to start is to think about what you need. Do you want to start competing, or will you be focusing on training? Start by buying a single purchase dress rather than a multi-purpose option.

Purchase a figure skating dress that can outlive its usefulness. You want to purchase a dress that gives you the best value for money. Don’t cut corners, especially for that competition winning show dress. At the same time, you don’t want to pay more for that practical practice dress than you need to, especially for figure skating clothing for girls.

Most people who are just starting will be using more practical practice dresses. It’s a great way to learn those to land those new moves without concern for your competition clothes. You could even check out some of the figure skating dresses on sale. But if you’re ready for that competition, you don’t want to risk your performance but cutting corners on cost.
Where to buy figure skating dresses and competition skater dresses?
Here at Skates Guru, we have a fabulous range of quality products from trusted brands.  Make sure you purchase your figure skating dresses from the biggest brand names in the business. Brands such as Mondor and Black Figure sell great products. Buying the right brands will help you unleash your full potential.
Where can I buy figure skating dresses on clearance?
Check out our figure skating dresses for sale and competition skating dresses on clearance for great value for money.