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Figure Skating Dresses

Figure skating dresses

Breaking down everything you need to know about buying the best figure skating dresses

An Olympic event since 1908, and an incredibly competitive sport practicing all over the world. Even in some of the warmest climate regions of the planet, something that comes as a bit of a surprise to most – figure skating requires incredible precision, amazing athletic ability, and concentration and focus that all top level athletes enjoy.

While the very best figure skaters on the planet are built in the training ice rinks all over the world and choosing the right figure skating dresses – especially for the competition can make or break an Olympian going for gold or coming home with silver (or something even worse).

This why all of the best professional skaters around the world spend so much time looking for the very best competition figure skating dresses they can find. These pieces of clothing are so much more than simple body coverings when out on the ice. They will help – or hinder – the athlete’s ability to unleash all of their strong potentials and nail each and every one of their moves out on skates.

At the same time, not every skater is going to require competition figure skating dresses at all times. Competition style dresses are usually very “showy” come over the top, and ornate, designed to attract attention and elevate the routine that the judges are watching unfold out on the ice.

Most of the time skaters are going to practicing in dresses that are a lot more simple and straightforward over there much closer to the kind of unitard that most people are familiar with gymnasts wearing when they are going through their routines.

These figure skating dresses are designed not to be quite as loud or as vibrant but are instead designed to allow athletes to stretch really, to have complete freedom of movement, and to help them maintain endurance during long and frequent training sessions.

There is a handful of other figure skating dresses out there as well that skaters may want to purchase for specific situations, and we are going to break down most of the different options you’ll find on the market today in this quick guide.

Pay attention to all of the inside information that we have to offer you below, and you won’t have any trouble whatsoever getting your hands on the best ice skating dresses available. In fact, you’ll find the entire process behind purchasing top-tier skating dresses becomes almost effortless – and you’ll be able to pass along this inside information to your fellow skaters to help them out as well!

Shall we dive right in?

It all starts with selecting the right figure skating dresses for your specific needs

As we highlighted above, there are dozens and dozens of different types of figure skating dress options you’ll come across on the market today. You’ll find some designed for practice, some designed for “off the ice” of events, and even some figure skating competition dresses that take advantage of only the latest and greatest technical fabrics to give you the full range of movement to hit each and every part of your routine.

For a lot of people, it is very comforting to know that there are so many different ice-skating dress options available on the market (with more being added almost every single day), but there isn’t a single soul around the world, and that would say having these many options isn’t overwhelming.

It is for sure, especially if you haven’t ever had to go through this kind of process in the past!

That’s why you have to start by choosing the best skating dress for your specific needs and focusing on purchasing “single purpose” ice dance dresses before you even think about looking into more multipurpose options.

You can often get away with practicing your routine day in and day out on the ice wearing nothing more than shorts, yoga pants, and an old sweatshirt – but that isn’t ever going to cut it when you’re talking about showing up on the day of the big competition and nailing it.

Get clear about what you are your expectations from the skate dress purchase (determine whether or not you’d like to use it while practicing while competing or while you are warming up off the ice), and you will be able to streamline the selection process dramatically freely.

Here are some of the more popular types of figure skating dresses out there right now!

By breaking down some of the most popular kinds of figure skating dresses available on the market today, we hope to show you just how many different options you will find out available to encourage you to get very concrete about how you want to use your new skate dress going forward.

You’ll soon see that each and every one of these different types of clothes is going to be designed for something else entirely and that you would make a big mistake by relying on one of these dresses to do something that they just weren’t designed for.

Let’s dive right in!

Figure skating competition dresses

This kind of skate clothes is far and away the most ornate, the most over-the-top, and the most ostentatious and in your face – the kind of figure skating dresses that are going to grab and hold your attention no matter where you are in the rink.

 These dresses have been designed not only to get skaters noticed (by the judges as well as the crowd), but they have also been designed to help provide skaters with as much range of motion as possible to improve their athletic performance.

Yes, this kind of figure skating dresses are almost always something that skaters would never wear anywhere else – and yes, this sort of figure skating dresses can be incredibly expensive – but they are often the difference between a gold medal routine and a silver medal one, make no mistake about it.

Always (ALWAYS) try out your competition dress – preferably out on the ice and through a quick version of your routine – to make sure that it isn’t ever going to hinder you along the way when you’re regular counts. And it isn’t a bad idea even to buy many IDENTICAL competition dresses just to make sure that you are right to go with your routine no matter what else may happen.

Training dresses for figure skaters

Training clothes are not what most people think they are – they aren’t dressed that you try out yourself to find a new one to fit into your routine. But are instead of skating dresses that you will wear when you are being tested in front of a panel of judges to find out where exactly you’re going to be placed to compete.

These figure skating dresses are almost always a lot simpler, a lot more straightforward, and usually feature dark colors, long sleeves, and very rarely have any real embellishments. Many of these options are velvet long sleeve dress style pieces of clothing, designed to draw just a little bit of attention but not to detract at any point from the athletic ability and technical proficiency of the skater wearing them.

Practice dresses for ice skaters

Practice ice skating dresses (like the ones from SAGESTER) are designed for one thing and one thing only – to help you get completely comfortable handling your entire routine in a dress very similar to your competition one without you ever having to worry about ruining that almost always fancy the competition dress while practicing.

A lot of brand-new figure skaters are going to be on the lookout for competitive figure skating dresses to get started with, and these are usually the style of dress that they purchase more often. These practice skate clothes are uniformly very, very comfortable, and while they aren’t quite as loud or “in your face” as competition dresses, they aren’t very subdued, either.

You want to make sure that you have at least a handful of these figure skating dresses in your training bag, locker, or wardrobe. These are the kinds of figure skating dresses that you are going to find yourself reaching for most frequently, and are exactly the kind of figure skating dress you want to have plenty of so that you don’t get stuck on the training day with all of your dresses in the wash!

Ice dance dresses

The ice dance dress options out there are usually styled for a very particular dance skate routine performed by couples, and often are quite longer, a bit more free-flowing, and designed to be more of a costume than an athletic uniform.

Ice dresses are usually hefty on the declarations in the back of the dress as opposed to the front, and this is so because that’s what the judges are going to see the majority of the time. Usually quite expensive (especially compared to practice dresses, though they are on pair with competition figure skating dresses as far as price is concerned), this is the kind of clothes that need a bit of gentle handling to be sure that they stay just in the best possible condition for your big competition.

Very light, very showy, and usually sleeveless so that the male partner can get a solid grip on their partner’s arms during moves there isn’t any shortage of unique styles and features on the market today when it comes to ice dance dresses.

Off the ice dresses

At the end of the day, the figure skating competition dress isn’t the only dress or the only kind of dress that figure skaters are going to want to keep in their locker room. Skaters usually want to get out of their often constricting, sweaty, and overtly but dazzled ice-skating competition dresses just as quickly as possible – but they want to maintain a very classy, elegant, and professional look.

Most of the best off the ice skaters dress options out there is custom made to match the competition ice dance dress. Competitors will wear, and it’s easy to understand why. This kind of dresses continuity helps to create a huge impact on the judges and the crowd, and it shows a level of attention to detail that only bodies well for your performance.

Purchase figure skating dresses that can outlive their usefulness

There is always going to be a huge temptation to try and cut back as much as possible on the amount of money you spend on your new ice-skating competition dresses, but you would like to try and avoid that temptation at all costs.

Remember, when you’re talking about figure skating dress options designed to grab the attention of judges you don’t want to shy away from the limelight in any way whatsoever. Go for the biggest, most ostentatious, most “out there” figure skating competition dress you can find.

You won’t ever regret it!

At the same time, there is almost no reason whatsoever to drop a boatload of money on a kids skater dress that they will inevitably outgrow. You have also make sure that you will only pick up only cheap ice skating dresses when you intend to use them for practice. There is no reason being up to your fancy competition dresses when you’re learning to land new moves.

Finally, do try and purchase your figure skating dresses from the biggest brand names in the business. We are talking about things like the Mondor skating dresses and Black Figure skating dress products available, the kind of top-tier figure skating dresses that will help you unleash your fullest athletic potential while also looking fantastic throughout your complete routine.

Pay close attention to all of the inside information that we’ve been able to share about and you shouldn’t have any real difficulty whatsoever getting your hands on the best figure skating dresses available today.

Best of luck going forward!