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Ice Skates and Hockey Skates for Beginners, Intermediate, and Pro Level Figure Skaters.

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Showing 1–12 of 117 results

SKATES.GURU is the right place to buy Figure Ice Skates.

Welcome to SKATES.GURU the largest retailer in North America! You have found leading stockists of high-quality ice skates in Canada. Our premium products are made from the high-quality steel and leather and exhibit cutting-edge designs. Our online store offers a large variety of ice skates, for the serious sportsman, to the recreational ice skater. SKATES.GURU stocks ice skates manufactured by Jackson Ultima, Riedell Skates, and BOTAS, which are highly reputable brands for any professional skater. These ice skates come in all sizes, from small to large, with ankle support, for professional or recreational skaters, and our product offerings include the following:

  • Girls ice skates
  • Ice skates for kids
  • Men’s ice skates
  • Ice skates for women
  • Ice skates for toddlers
  • Men’s hockey skates
  • Figure skates for women
  • Children’s ice skates
  • Best ice skates for women
  • Best beginner ice skates for kids
  • Best ice skates for girls
  • Figure skates for girls
  • Ice skating skates for girls

SKATES.GURU understands that its customers look for both convenience, quality, and affordability. Our product range caters for a variety of tastes and needs, and our online shopping experience provides for customer convenience. Prices range from below $150 for skates from synthetic materials, and upwards of $151 for natural leather figure skates. Our clients are free to enjoy a leisurely shopping experience, and order their selections from our safe, online shop. Your purchase will then be delivered to you in a short time.

Ice skates are not the only item you will need when you first plan to test your balancing abilities. SKATES.GURU’s ice skating apparel is also available for purchase from our online catalog. You will need to keep yourself warm, while also protecting yourself from falls on the ice. We cater to these needs by offering some fashionable, protective wear and accessories, such as:

  • Ice skating dresses
  • Figure skating jackets
  • Ice skating pants
  • Ice skating tights
  • Men’s shirts and jackets
  • Men’s skating pants
  • Guardog Skate Guards
  • Skating Bags

When it comes to fashion, SKATES.GURU is well aware that looking good while out on the ice, is essential. Because of this, our ice skates are available in several, stylish colors. These colors include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Denim
  • Fleece
  • Hunter green
  • Lime
  • Navy
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Silver
  • White

Visit SKATES.GURU and sign up for your premium ice skating gear today. Get started with a new healthy hobby, which the entire family can enjoy. Select excellent ice skates to match your recreational apparel, for toddlers, teenagers, and adults. You will all look great when embarking on your new venture, which will encourage your friends to join in the fun.

For the professional sportsman or sportswoman, we also have a wide range of quality ice skates to choose from. Whether you participate in figure skating, or ice hockey, or want to skate for fun, SKATES.GURU has the right product for you. When looking for figure skates for women, ice skates for girls, men’s hockey skates, or beginner skates, we have it in all size for perfect fit.

Your next step is to find an ice skating rink near you. Take lessons if you’re a beginner, or join an ice skating club if you are well-practiced in skating. But get out there, shake off the winter chills, get some exercise, and have loads of fun.

Where to go ice skating near me in the best ice skates for women

Several options to go ice skating near you are available in the California area. These include outdoor and indoor skating centers which offer a variety of customer services. Some provide recreational ice skating clubs for professionals or amateurs. Other centers provide hockey rinks, events for children, skating lessons, venues, and social clubs. Read up on reviews to see what novices have to say about their first ice skating experience. Try it once, and you could be hooked for life. Ice skating for men, women, and children, is a fun way to have exercise, without even realizing it. Ice skating is a winter sport that can be practiced in sunny California all year round. This is a great way to get the kids unhooked from their technology, and there are many ice rinks in Van Nuys to do just that.

A short list of some indoor ice skating rinks in California to get you started:

  • LA King’s Valley Ice Center, Panorama City, Van Nuys Boulevard
  • Skateland Northridge, Northridge, Parthenia Street
  • Pasadena Ice Skating Center, Green Street
  • Moonlight Rollerway Skating Rink, Glendale, San Fernando Road
  • Toyota Sports Center, El Segundo, Nash Street
  • Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square, Downtown Los Angeles, Olive Street
  • LA Kings Holiday Ice – L.A. Live, Los Angeles, Olympic Boulevard
  • Pickwick Ice, Burbank, Riverside Drive
  • Burbank Roller Hockey, Burbank, Victory Boulevard
  • LA Kings Holiday Ice – Westfield Topanga, Woodland Hills, Topanga Canyon Boulevard
  • East West Ice Palace, Artesia, Artesia Boulevard

These are just some of the ice skating rinks where you can get started on your new venture. Whichever area you live in, find an ice skating rink near you. Find out what services they offer, and plan your ice skating recreation together. Buy figure skates for kids, best ice skates for girls, and persuade dad to join you and buy his men’s ice skates.

If you have purchased your figure skates for women, then you will want to join a club. Or if your children want to begin a healthy, new hobby, then browse our ice skating skates for girls. Should your daughter be more competitive, then perhaps figure skates for girls, will be a better choice.

Ice skating is a healthy activity to pursue, whether on a professional, amateur, or recreational basis. Parents can inquire about events at their closest ice skating rink, and plan their next ice skating, kiddies’ birthday party. Lessons are available at some rinks, so you can sign your little one up for some lessons to get him, or her started. Finding a professional to teach your little ones how to skate, will be a huge adventure.  Mom can get some best beginner ice skates for kids. Purchasing the right ice skating boots from the start is the best route to take. SKATES.GURU has ice skates for toddlers and ice skates for kids, to get you one step closer to your goal. The next step might be to find out how to ice skate.

Beginner ice skates for kids

Some basic tips to get you started means that you need to buy a decent pair of ice skating boots. Add to the fun and match these up with an attractive outfit. Your first time on the ice may be nerve-wracking, and looking good will give you more confidence! Your ice skates should give you firm support and be bought to last. If you are buying for your daughter, then start with a pair of children’s ice skates. Make sure that your ice skates are correctly tied, to ensure that they are firmly supportive, but not too tight. Too loosely related, and you increased your chances of falling. Too tight, and a fun outing will become uncomfortable very quickly. Also, make sure that the laces are firmly tucked out of the way. Finding your balance on the ice is going to be challenging enough, without tripping over your shoelaces.

Bring extra socks with you, and make sure you are very warmly dressed. Just because it is steaming hot outside, doesn’t mean that it won’t feel like a winter’s day on the rink. Just to be on the safe side, leave your pride at home. Ice skating is super fun, but your first attempts will probably involve a few trips or tumbles. There is no shame in holding onto stranger to regain your balance when you first step onto the ice. You also do not have to be embarrassed by bringing a passer-by down with you. This is standard, beginner, ice skating behavior!

Take your time to warm up as you take your first steps onto the rink. Do not feel bad if your six-year-old masters this activity before you do. This is also quite normal. Jokes aside, the best time to get onto the ice for the first time, is when there are few people around. If the rink is busy, then try and wait for a gap before placing your first foot on the ice. Hold on to the railing to become familiar with your new environment. Always keep your knees slightly bent when on the ice. Locking your knees is a right way to take a tumble. Also, do not lean backward as this will place you off balance.

Whether you have young children or teenagers, this is going to be a fabulous family outing. Or you may want to make it a girl’s day out. Bring your toddler, geared up with skates for toddlers and don’t forget to spoil your teenager with girl’s ice skates. If dad is up for some competition, he will also need a trendy pair of men’s ice skates. The seasoned skaters will make skating look natural, and you may want to mimic them. Don’t let their prowess fool you, as you are a beginner. Be confident, but not overly so, as you want to go home in one piece. The pros make it look easy, sailing gracefully by in their figure skates for girls. Again, be warned, just because they are accomplished, does not mean they started out that way. They took their share of tumbles and had a few bruises and bumps. You will in all likelihood have a similar experience. Be patient, and start at the beginning. Going home with a few injuries will make you remember how much you enjoyed the experience. Once your children have had a taste of ice skating, they will be dragging you back over and over. Unless, you are first in line, of course.

Figure skates for girls

Dress warmly and start with a few, gentle, stretching exercises before going out onto the ice. The cold can make your muscles stiffen up a little, so don’t let your enthusiasm get the better of you. Do the wise thing, and warm them up before heading out, onto the ice. It is always a good idea to get some professional help in the beginning. This takes a lot of apprehension out of the scenario and will improve your confidence levels. Make a day of it, call up your closest ice skating rink, and find out if they provide lessons for beginners. Once you have mastered the basics, then you can think of taking the next step.

The next step may be just to continue with recreational ice skating, or you may be feeling ambitious. No-one is ever too old to learn, so you could always indulge yourself with figure ice skating. Again, locate a professional in your area, and make this a joint effort. Get some figure skates for girls, and figure skates for women, and turn this into a family event. Dad will also want to get some exercise so that he can get a pair of men’s hockey skates for himself. Ice skates for kids will work for your son, and they can join an amateur ice hockey group. In the meantime, you and your daughter will be creating figures of eight on the ice.

Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls, and you don’t want the girls beating the boys on the ice. Or if you do, the fun can move up a level, with everyone competing in the same activity. Whether figure skating, or ice hockey, or just getting some good exercise, you will be doing it together. Skating looks easy, it is fun, but if you haven’t exercised in a while, prepare for the burn. Those muscles might be used to walking, but they are not used to skating. With bent knees on the ice, your muscles will be under tension for quite some time. The good news is that this will burn calories. The other side of the coin is that you will probably feel quite stiff the next day.

Waking up the morning after a day of ice skating is a good thing. You will have had a lot of fun without even realizing you were exercising. You will feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment because you got to laugh a lot with friends and family. The best part is that you will be looking forward to ice skating again, as soon as possible. That burn that you felt was a hint to do it again because it was a joyful experience. How to skate on ice is a practical learning experience. You can watch videos, or read about skating, but doing it yourself is the ultimate experience and a good teacher.

Professional men’s hockey skates

Ice skating like a professional is a work in progress. First, you start with ice skates for toddlers and move on to ice skates for kids. The next thing you know, you already need the best beginner ice skates for kids, and then girls ice skates. If you have grown up with ice skating, the next logical step is to take figure ice skating lessons. For this, you will need a good pair of figure skates for girls. When you like to compete then professional experiences from a young age are essential.  This is how most professional sports players begin their careers. Talent is often apparent from a young age, and a child will soon indicate a severe interest in an area. If this area is ice skating, then it is no different from another talent regarding professional lessons.

As parents, you know whether your child is talented or in need of a diversion. Either way, if your child indicates that ice skating is a potentially serious pursuit, then this talent should be supported. Sign your child up for professional lessons or support him/her in joining a club. Young talent deserves to be nurtured, and he/she may want to become an expert. Whether this direction leads to figure ice skating or ice hockey, both pursuits are equally valid. Men’s hockey skates are available in all sizes at SKATES.GURU, and it is easy to join a club. This may be the start of a career from a very young age for your little star.

Buying your ice skating gear online at SKATES.GURU is a simple, comfortable, and convenient process. All you have to do is sign up, verify your email address, and then log in. Ice skate sizes are the same as shoe sizes, but leave some room for warm socks. Your online shopping experience covers all the essential ice skating goods for your new sport. Our customers can purchase their ice skating boots, apparel for girls and boys, and accessories online. Adult gear is also available and as easy to order online at SKATES.GURU, any time of the day or night. Payment is quick and easy, as is our rapid delivery service.

There is no need to drive around for hours from one store to the next when everything you need is available in one place. Purchase your accessories online too, such as your skating bag and Guardog Skate Guards. These guards are designed to protect your precious boots from scrapes and scratches and are worth the additional purchase. Attractive ice skating dresses, ice skating pants, men’s ice skating pants, tights, men’s shirts, and more, are available.

Pricing for children’s ice skates to ice skates for women starts at $59,95 and goes up to $129,95. Above the $150,00 range, best ice skates for girls and best ice skates for women goes up a little. Prices then range from the $160.94 to $413,94, for intermediate level ice skaters. Special deals are often available at SKATES.GURU, so be sure to keep a look out for these offers. Ice skating blades start at approximately $69,95 and increase to $519,95. Expensive blades are designed for professional figure skaters, who need to appreciate a technical edge to support their talent.

How to skate on the ice with SKATES.GURU

We have covered the minimum of how to skate, using ice skates for toddlers, to best ice skates for women. Some details of the extensive product range and ice rinks in the area should have you excited. Tips for skating and how to skate on ice, cannot be compared to the real business of ice skating. At SKATES.GURU, we want to encourage you to try skating. This is an individual or family activity, aimed at recreation, amateur, or an advanced skating level. Ice skating can be whatever you want it to be, but we strongly suggest that you try it. Ice skating is an excellent way to get out and have fun while exercising together, without realizing it. We stock best beginner ice skates for kids, through to girl’s ice skates, so there is something for everyone.

Price ranges of ice skates typically reflect the differences between beginner, intermediate, and advanced users. This means we sell ice skates for toddlers, to children’s ice skates, and men’s hockey skates. If you are looking for a healthy way to brighten your life, then cool down in the heat of summer. Find that ice rink near to your home. Get out into the world. Be brave and lace up your figure skates for women, pull on your figure skates for girls, and get skating.

Who cares if you take a few falls and get some victory bruises. At least you are moving out of your comfort zone and into a cold new world. It is never too late to learn, so spoil yourself, buy a pair of figure skates for women. Call up all your friends and plan an event. Celebrate your birthday or your anniversary on the ice. Everyone will remember the occasion and laugh about the fun they had, for years to come. SKATES.GURU is the best place to buy your first, second and third pair of ice skates!

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