Jackson Ultima Elle DJ2130 Women’s and Girls’ Figure Skates

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To ensure a perfect fit and minimize unnecessary returns or exchanges, it’s important to note that skate sizes cannot be determined by comparing them to street shoe sizing, and custom-made skating apparel sizing can not be compared to regular apparel sizing. Therefore, we highly recommend making all necessary measurements and checking the manufacturers’ Size Charts section before placing your order. This will ensure that you select the correct size and enjoy the comfort and performance of your new skates or apparel.

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Discover Jackson Ultima Elle DJ2130 Ladies Skates

If you’re in need of high-quality ladies’ skates without breaking the bank, look no further than Jackson Ultima Elle DJ2130. These ice skates are suitable for both competitions and everyday use, made with premium materials and designed for optimal comfort and performance.

Features of These Skates

These ladies’ skates feature flex notches for added flexibility, backed with soft sponge tongue material for enhanced comfort. The soles are made of lightweight LCL (layered cork leather) which weighs 17% less than typical outsoles, providing better speed and mobility on the ice. The blades are Ultima Mirage type and affixed with screws, ensuring durability and stability on the ice.

These skates are classic white, providing a traditional and stylish look for female ice skaters. They are suitable for pairing with skating dresses and other skating apparel, providing an ideal silhouette on the ice. The easy-care construction makes them low-maintenance, perfect for those who want a quality product without the added hassle.

If you’re interested in investing in superb skates that deliver both style and function, the Jackson Ultima Elle DJ2130 Ladies Skates are an excellent choice. Consult our sizing information and advice to ensure the perfect fit for your needs.