Figure Skating Skirt Style S11 Black Italian Fabric, Handmade

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THE SIZING CHART IS ATTACHED AS AN IMAGE,Biflex fabric, Stretch lace, Made in Italy. / Gutermann Threads, Made in Germany, is a USA brand, and this fabulous skirt was handmade in Europe (Ukraine).

To ensure a perfect fit and minimize unnecessary returns or exchanges, it’s important to note that skate sizes cannot be determined by comparing them to street shoe sizing, and custom-made skating apparel sizing can not be compared to regular apparel sizing. Therefore, we highly recommend making all necessary measurements and checking the manufacturers’ Size Charts section before placing your order. This will ensure that you select the correct size and enjoy the comfort and performance of your new skates or apparel.

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In the world of figure skating, where performance and presentation go hand in hand, the choice of attire plays a pivotal role. The figure skating skirts from exemplify this synergy, blending functionality with fashion to elevate a skater’s presence on the ice. Originating from the USA, is renowned for its exceptional skirts, each piece handcrafted with meticulous care in Ukraine. These skirts are not merely garments; they are a testament to superior craftsmanship, designed to enhance the skater’s movements while captivating the audience. The fabric and design of’s figure skating skirts ensure that they are both practical and stylish. Made from materials that offer stretch and durability, these skirts allow skaters to perform their routines—be it spins, jumps, or intricate footwork—with complete freedom and comfort. The choice of fabric also ensures that the skirt maintains its shape and flow, adding an element of grace to the skater’s performance. Aesthetically,’s skirts stand out with their vibrant colors and unique designs. Each skirt is tailored to flatter the skater’s form, contributing to a polished and professional look. Whether for practice or competition, these skirts add a touch of elegance, making every performance feel special. Beyond their beauty and functionality,’s figure skating skirts embody the spirit of the sport—combining athleticism with artistry. They are more than just part of the attire; they enhance the skater’s confidence and express their individual style. As these skirts become a staple in the skater’s wardrobe, they represent not just an investment in high-quality sportswear but also the skater’s journey toward excellence. Proudly wearing an skirt means being equipped with the best, allowing skaters to focus on their performance and artistry on the ice. When inquired about their exquisite skirt, skaters will be pleased to share that it’s from, a symbol of commitment to quality and elegance in the figure skating community.