I-EXE Made in Italy – Women’s Multizone Short Sleeve Compression Shirt – Color: White with Black

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Price $87.45 & FREE Shipping


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Built through i-eXe® special technologies: i-eXe®: i-FiberTM, i-RayTM, i-TapingTM, i-3DsystemTM, i- CompressionTM, i-SilverTM.
Key features: no seam along body zone and the highest level of comfort guaranteed; the special system i-TapingTM protects shoulders and upper arm; the back is characterized by thermoregulation technologies, special structure i-3DsystemTM and by i-CompressionTM; the underarm is structured to ensure ventilation and sweat dissipation.
The entire product is provided by i-SilverTM technology, and it uses F.I.R. system to maintain an athlete high performance.

Polypropylene Hollow Fibre (PPhf) i-Fiber

PPhf technology guarantees:
  • Lightness: due to that fiber, where inside there is a hole which guarantees to the air to be directly present in the textile product, giving to the latter a specific weight lower than with the use of standard polypropylene or polyester;
  • Body microclimate thermoregulation: the air has an insulating effect and can she maintains a perfect temperature balance, both in summer and winter;
  • Dry body: in contact with the PPhf, the skin throws out the sweat, and it remains dry in extreme conditions too.

Silver Plus Technology – Silver Ions Treatment i-Silver

  • Fungicide antimycotic: silver has a neutralizing effect on the fungal spores, and it blocks their proliferation. Therefore there will not be the classic itches where the skin is damp, but we will have a healthy effect;
  • Antimicrobial and bactericidal: a freshness steady effect and avoiding bad smell definitively, they are due to silver ions kill the 99,9% of bacteria, being in vain their replication;
  • Hypoallergenic: it’s been proven that silver ions do not cause allergic reactions and they have neutralizing effects against mites and molds.

3D Structure i-3Dsystem

This i-eXe® technology combines yarn different features which are used, produces energy in strategic areas, diverts both the biomineral energy and the sweat in the areas that need it, sustains musculoskeletal system key points.

Bioceramics Polyamide i-Ray

Inside that fiber which we use for i-eXe® products, there is the biomineral with F.I.R. (Far Infrared Ray) properties, which:

  • they stimulate glands activity that removes toxic substances;
  • they reduce tiredness;
  • they improve the blood flow;
  • they reduce the stress level;
  • they alleviate the pain of different kinds;
  • they support venous return.

Taping Dynamic Effect i-Taping

We have recreated myofascial mobilization effect, imported from the sports field, through taping active aid. Thanks to a unique weft bars we have created spherical inserts which produce continuous micro-massage that guarantee a under-skin detoxication, with a muscle fatigue delay, preventing any inflammations.

The Alternating Compression i-Compression

Thanks to this technology i-eXe® product have both the benefit that come from compression and the benefit concerning body’s parts that do not need compression technology. The thus level of any microtraumas is minimized because the joints and the musculature are completely free.


Thanks to all the technologies used, we can guarantee a thermoregulated body microclimate. Indeed the air, which crosses the micro fibers, remains inside them, producing a connective layer of thermoregulation that manages to maintain the body under a perfect range of temperature, both in summer and winter.


The i-exe® product has a very high level of breathability, due mainly to the use of PPfc. Indeed, studies conducted in an official laboratory with a damp level of 65% and a temperature of 20°, show that this fiber has an absorption rate of only 0,01%.

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