If you want to buy a good pair of figure skates for yourself or your child, there are some things you should consider. After all, the quality of the skates determines how well you or your child can perform while wearing them. Safety is another aspect to consider, as beginners lack of proper technique can result in falls and injuries. 

Bear in mind that recreational or entry-level skates shouldn’t be pricey. You shouldn’t waste money on expensive state-of-the-art ice skates to skate a couple of times every year. However, cheaper options usually provide less comfort and ankle support

Choose the right size of ice skates

One mistake you can make is buying a pair of ice skates that is too big. You should know that proper fit of skates it’s the key to success. It especially concerns figure skates, where control over the blade is essential. Choose a pair that fits quite firm but not too tight. If you have enough space for a finger to fit behind your heel, that will do. Generally, it is a good idea to try on ice skates in the morning or early afternoon when your feet aren’t yet swollen. Don’t forget to take your skating socks with you (you’ll find more on choosing the proper ice skating gear later in this article).

Choosing the right shoe size for kids is harder, as they grow out of shoes so fast. That is why lots of kids’ ice skate models are adjustable in length. That means that the boot can be expanded, so your child can grow up to three or four sizes with the ice skates. Although adjustable ice skates are designed for recreational skating, their quality is as high as in regular models. If your child’s feet are still growing, we recommend adjustable skates. 

Sizes vary among companies and manufacturers. To choose the ice skates size accurately, read the manufacturers’ size guides. Make sure to take all the needed measurements properly (Check out our article on how to measure your feet).

How do I select figure skates for beginners?

Most ice skates can be broken down into categories by skill level. This means that the features of ice skates work best for the skill level they are made for, not that an advanced ice skate is better in quality than an intermediate one.

Entry-level / Beginner ice skates

Entry-level / Beginner ice skates are desi