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How To Wash Training And Competition Sportswear

When we make a dress, we mainly try to please the athlete from the technical and aesthetic point of view; on the other side, we don’t leave the others behind, who often find themselves to wash their children’s sportswear, dry and iron precious competition dresses, leotards, bodies, training outfits, and accessories.
For this reason, we use fabrics, colors, and materials that guarantee wearability and comfort to athletes and at the same time, allow mothers to maintain in the best way the garments during washing, more or less frequent, making them last longer.
For those who are very scrupulous and is afraid that both training and competition dresses, could damage easily, we have thought to make a small mini tutorial showing these procedures, which you will find easier, simpler and faster than the expected.
The first distinction to make is about competition dresses and those for training: the first ones are more delicate and elaborated, therefore to be hand washed instead of the other ones, can be washed in the washing machine, following some precautions.
Let’s see two different ways to wash sportswear, especially Sagester’s ones, which are different in two categories.

Competition Dresses: To Wash Exclusively By Hand

As anticipated, these garments need a specific care because they may have a lot of rhinestones, Swarovski stones, feathers, special and refined fabrics such laces and transparent nets.
Let’s see step by step, the different hand washing phases of these garments.

1. Fill in a basin with cold water and neutral soap or delicate soap, rub the armpit and groin areas, basically, all those areas where the athlete sweats the most. Never rub the painted areas.

2. Seeing that the garments are so delicate, we highly recommend no to soak either use the centrifuge. Submerge the garment 3-4 times up and down in the water to eliminate the extra soap and rinse gently; it’s normal that some colours fade.

3. Do not squeeze out hard.

4. Now that the dress is washed, we can proceed to dry it out. We remind you that it’s not necessary to iron the garments.

5. Press the garment with a cotton towel to absorb as much water as possible, wrap up the dress in the towel, folding it as shown in this gif, this will help to take the water away from the dress.

3. Do not squeeze out hard.

Training Garments: Can Also Be Washed In The Washing Machine

How To Wash Training And Competition Sportswear

We also suggest you the best steps to wash training garments to keep their original quality, in case you chose to wash them in the washing machine.
First thing is to close all zips and bottons. Use a gentle washing cycle (WOOL or SILK) with warm water (30 or 40 °C), use a delicate clothes washing soap and do a gentle spin cycle, avoid tumble dryer. We suggest you to use just fresh air.
We soon will make a mini-tutorial also in case you would like to make small repairs to your dress.

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