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Beginner Guide to Ice Hockey / Figure Skates

Choosing the best skates isn’t easy. They have to match the ice skater’s age, level of skating, their ability, and, of course, meet the budget expectations. Before stepping into the store or browsing through numerous models online, it is essential to do your homework. We have already discussed some of the vital issues like how to choose the right size, what are the types of skates according to the skater’s level and the purpose of skating (check out this article)

Do better skates make a difference when ice skating?

There are no best skates. There are different categories, though. We do not recommend buying the cheapest ones because the materials used in them are soft and you are likely to wear them out after a couple of months. Higher grade skates are usually made of better and more durable materials and may have additional features. But then again, if you are only a beginner and have not decided yet if you want to pursue with ice skating, you shouldn’t overpay. 

Your main priority should be a comfort. So the best thing is to go to the store and try on one model from each model line of each brand. If your feet get cold quickly and you like wearing warmer socks or two pairs, bring them with you. Remember that ice skates have different sizes in length as well as width, so choose a pair that is not too tight and not too loose (Here is our guide to measuring your feet and choosing the right size). After you have tried some models offline, go to an online store like ours to check out more options at better prices. 

Last but not least, do not buy the latest models. They are usually more expensive but not that much better. Buy a year- or two-year-old model that has proven its quality and comfort among many skaters.

Which ice skates models are the best for beginners?

DRAFT 281 is a popular model for beginner ice hockey players as well as for regular skaters, which means you can continue using it as you improve your skating skills. The protective elements on the upper part and strengthening at the sides make it safe and durable. The top is made of high-quality PA fabric with synthetic material. There is a cool plastic toe with Total Stability Technology, which protects the toes during collisions. The padding of ankles and a padded lining ensures the overall resistance and strength of the boot. Its low profile outsole has increased torsion rigidity. The BOTAS ICEHAWK Carbon Ultra Steel skates have to fasten in the heel for stability and steadiness.

  • Recommended use: for active athletes
  • Upper: resistant synthetic in combination with PA fabric
  • Lining: padded, synthetic material PENAT
  • Blade: BOTAS ICEHAWK CARBON Ultra Steel white
  • Recommended care: wipe clean after each use or wash lightly with water (no detergents!), remove insole and dry all at room temperature. Occasionally conserve the blade of the skate
  • Warning: do not place close to heat sources, could result in damage or destruction!

CRISTALO 171 LADY BLACK / WHITE are specially made for ladies and come in black or white color. This model is good for recreational and beginner-level skating. This basic yet practical model is made of durable synthetic materials. The plastic toe cap increases the lifetime of the boot. It has comfortable and cozy warm lining and special BOTAS FALCON CARBON ULTRA Steel blade with torsional fixation.

Special purpose construction of toe cap from tough plastic to -20°C guarantees the maximum protection of toes and increased working life. The new model ladies in white /blue/ silver color combination for recreation and leisure skating in an attractive and very comfortable shape is made from durable synthetic materials including plastic toe cap to increase the lifetime of footwear. Comfortable and cozy footwear provides warm combed lining, which is in the collar of the shoe complete with synthetic leather. The concept of this model is based on a new trend in women’s skating with a blade from hockey skates, in this case, is used a blade FALCON Carbon with torsional fixation

  • Recommended use: for recreational skating
  • Upper: solid synthetic materials
  • Lining: made of brushed knit laminated by foam mith plush collar
  • Recommended care: wipe clean after each use or wash lightly with water (no detergents!), remove the insole and dry all at room temperature. Occasionally conserve the blade of the skate.
  • Warning: do not place close to heat sources, could result in damage or destruction!

Best ice skates models for engage in figure skating?

For figure skating, try Botas Cindy (white) and Cesar (black) models. 

These innovated models are designed for beginner and active figure skaters. They provide comfort and great ankle support while looking nice and stylish. Of course, safety should always come first. But since figure skating is a performance sport, it is a good thing if your ice skates are also aesthetically pleasing.

The upper is made of layered leather with a water-resistant surface finish, which makes them comfortable and durable. A laminated textile lining provides the comfort inside the boot. Some other features of the boot are an anatomical tongue, ankle padding and a soft flexible collar around the calves. These all work the best for those who are not used to long skating sessions and protect your feet from hurting or swelling.  A PVC outsole is made of rigid and resistant plastic. New stainless steel blade has TUV GS European certificate that proves their quality and safety.